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Rexroth Range

We offer a catalogue of alternatives to the full Rexroth hydraulic filter range. From return to DIN filter elements, we provide a comprehensive range of Rexroth filter substitutes. 

We ensure all our Rexroth hydraulic alternative filters are inspected before despatch to guarantee that they are built to the highest standard. Our filter elements are designed to equal or often exceed the OEM Rexroth collection in terms of filtration performance, efficiency and build quality making them ideal for a range of applications. 

Explore more about the pricing and availability of our Rexroth hydraulic filters by typing your filter part number into the search bar at the top of the page. Our simplified search engine feature will show you which filter alternatives we currently have available or if you’d prefer to contact us directly, you can enquire at the bottom of the page.

Rexroth Ranges we offer

R928005 • R928006 • R928007 R928016 • R928017 • R928018 • R928019 R928022 • R928023 • R928025 • R928027 • R928028 R928031 • R928034 • R928035 • R928037 • R928038 R928041 • R928045 • R928046

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