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Hydac Range

FilterFinder offers alternatives to the full Hydac hydraulic filter range from the 0060D pressure filters to the 1700R return lines. 

We ensure all Hydac hydraulic alternative elements are inspected before despatch and are built to the highest standard, with them designed to equal or often exceed the OEM Hydac in terms of filtration performance, build quality, and durability. 

Find out more about the pricing and availability of our UK Hydac hydraulic filters by simply typing the part number of the filter you're looking for into the search bar above. We’ll show you what filter alternatives we have available to suit your Hydac filter system or alternatively, you can enquire at the bottom of the page.

Hydac Ranges we offer

0015D • 0030D • 0035D • 0040D • 0055D • 0060D/R • 0063D/R • 0075D/R • 0080M\RK • 0085M • 0090M/P • 0095D/M • 0100DN/RK/RN • 0110A/D/R • 0120RK 0210R • 0240D/R • 0250DN/RN • 0251RK • 0256D • 0260D • 0270R • 0280D/R • 0300D/RK • 0330A/D/R • 0350RK • 0400DN/RK/RN • 0450D/R • 0480R • 0500A/D/R • 0570R • 0580R • 0630DN/RN • 0650D • 0660D/R • 0750R • 0800D • 0850R • 0900D • 0950R/S • 0990D 1000RK/RN • 1200R • 1300R • 1320D • 1500D • 1700R • 2600R • 2630D • 2700A/R

More Hydraulic Filter Ranges

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