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Process Filters

Filtration is one of the most important factors in any system that contains liquid or gas. It is critical in maintaining efficiency and preventing breakdowns and mechanical issues. For these reasons, we offer our own range of high-quality and reliable process filters to ensure that your operation is always running at its peak performance.

We supply our process filters into a variety of industries and for a range of applications - from making sure your car runs smoothly by removing contaminants from petroleum, to keeping the taps flowing by ensuring the correct amount of yeast is present in beer production. Whatever your filtration needs, we have you covered.

Where we supply Process Filters

Industrial Applications

Cleanliness of fluid is very important in industrial applications, as this prevents mechanical breakdowns and provides a quality product in manufacturing.

Our filters have been used in the automotive industry for the purpose of cooling machinery and cleaning components to ensure a high quality final product. They’ve also been used in the production of power, ensuring the cleanliness of water in the circumstances of cooling and the release of steam into the atmosphere.


As we know, cleanliness is vital for preventing infection and the spread of bacteria and disease in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Our filters are used in the dental industry to filter the water used to clean patients’ mouths, and also in the veterinary space to prevent contaminants and bacteria from becoming present in open wounds.

Food & Beverage

Process filtration is extremely important in the food & beverage industry to ensure the cleanliness of what we consume as well as the areas in which it was manufactured and handled.

Just one example of how we service this industry is by providing filtration solutions to the brewery market. Our filters are used to control the flavour, stability, appearance and shelf life of the product.


Ensuring that homes and residential areas receive a safe, potable supply of drinking water is essential for public safety and legislation adherence. 

In these cases, our filtration is used to remove contaminants, prevent scaling, soften water and prevent buildup of detergents which have the potential to cause harm to consumers.